Analysis of Ghost of Tsushima PC Release Controversy

Analysis of Ghost of Tsushima PC Release Controversy

The upcoming PC release of Ghost of Tsushima has stirred up controversy due to the login requirement for PlayStation Network (PSN) account to access multiplayer features. The game’s Director’s Cut, which includes expansion and multiplayer DLC, will require players to sign in with a PSN account if they want to play the co-op mode. This decision has raised concerns among the gaming community, especially after the recent backlash faced by another game, Helldivers 2, for a similar mandatory PSN login requirement.

Developers Nixxes and Sucker Punch have revealed that the login requirement for PSN will prevent multiplayer from working on Steam Deck. While players will not need a PSN account to access the single-player campaign or the Iki Island expansion, the co-op Legends mode will require authentication. This limitation means that Steam Deck will mark Ghost of Tsushima as ‘Unsupported’ due to the inability to access multiplayer features through PSN.

One of the positive aspects of integrating PSN login is the potential for cross-play between PlayStation and PC users. However, at launch, this feature will only be available in a beta form, requiring manual invites to play with friends across different platforms. This limitation may hinder the seamless experience for players who prefer jumping into games quickly without the need for coordinating invites.

In a surprising turn of events, Ghost of Tsushima’s PC port will not be available for purchase on Steam in nearly 180 countries, including Japan – where the game is set. The reason behind this restriction is the PSN login requirement for accessing multiplayer content, which has led to the game being pulled from sale in countries where PSN accounts cannot be created. This decision has left many fans questioning the necessity of a separate PSN login for these games.

Overall, the controversy surrounding Ghost of Tsushima’s PC release highlights the challenges and limitations of implementing a PSN login requirement for multiplayer features. While the integration of cross-platform play has its benefits, the initial restrictions and regional limitations have raised concerns among players. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it is essential for developers to consider the impact of such decisions on the player experience and accessibility of their games.


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