Analysis of Sonos’ Latest Updates and Developments

Analysis of Sonos’ Latest Updates and Developments

Sonos is gearing up to release a new version of its Roam wireless AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth speaker in June, along with a dedicated app for its portable speakers. This move comes as a response to reported Bluetooth issues with the speaker, which the company aims to address with the hardware redesign.

In addition to the new speaker, the updated app will offer support for Sonos’ rumored $449 high-end headphones, expected to launch around the same time as the new Roam. However, users of older Sonos products such as Move 1 and 2 and the first-generation Roam may have to wait for software updates, as the company faces challenges in ensuring compatibility with these devices.

The original Roam speaker has been praised for its sound quality but criticized for certain limitations, such as the lack of stereo pairing over Bluetooth. Users have also raised concerns about the long-term durability of the battery. With the new Roam, Sonos aims to address these issues while introducing topside touch controls similar to those found in the Era 100 and 300 speakers.

Beyond the Roam speaker and app updates, Sonos reportedly has an ambitious roadmap that includes a TV set-top box and refreshed versions of the Sub, Era 100, and Sonos Arc soundbar. These developments are part of the company’s strategy to strengthen its hardware offerings and increase revenue in this segment.

Overall, Sonos’ latest updates and developments show a commitment to innovation and product improvement. By addressing issues with existing products and expanding its lineup with new offerings, the company aims to maintain its reputation as a leading player in the audio technology market.


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