Apple Cutting Vision Pro Headset Shipments Forecast Due to Cooling Demand

Apple Cutting Vision Pro Headset Shipments Forecast Due to Cooling Demand

Apple, a company known for setting trends in the tech industry, is reportedly facing lower than expected demand for its Vision Pro headset. Analysts, such as Ming-Chi Kuo, have noted that Apple has cut its shipment forecast for the headset for the rest of the year. This drop in demand has forced Apple to adjust its roadmap for the future of the headset, possibly delaying the release of a lower-cost mixed reality headset.

According to sources, Apple had initially expected to sell between 700,000 to 800,000 units of the Vision Pro in 2024. However, due to the cooling demand, the company now anticipates only selling around 400,000 to 450,000 units. This significant decrease in sales projections has led to Apple reevaluating its strategy for the headset and potentially pushing back the release of future models.

Despite the Vision Pro’s technical prowess, it seems that it has not been able to captivate consumers as Apple had hoped. The $3,500 headset, which has received praise from early adopters, has not been able to maintain the level of demand that Apple was expecting. This unexpected drop in demand has forced Apple to reconsider its plans for the future of the headset.

If Apple’s Vision Pro headset does not perform well in the market, it could have a ripple effect on the entire industry. With Apple being a trendsetter in new product markets, the failure of the Vision Pro could signal a shift in consumer preferences for VR and AR devices. Analysts like Kuo also warn that specific components, such as Micro OLED displays, may not see the adoption rates needed for mass production in other devices if the Vision Pro falters.

Apple’s decision to cut its Vision Pro headset shipment forecast due to cooling demand is indicative of the challenges in the tech industry. Despite the initial excitement surrounding the headset, it seems that Apple may need to reevaluate its approach to VR and AR devices in order to stay competitive in the market.


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