“Apple Faces Serious Issues Under EU’s Big Tech Rules”

“Apple Faces Serious Issues Under EU’s Big Tech Rules”

Apple is currently under scrutiny by the European Union’s competition chief Margrethe Vestager due to a number of “very serious” issues. The investigation is being conducted under the sweeping Digital Markets Act (DMA) tech legislation which recently came into effect. One of the main concerns highlighted in the probe is whether Apple is impeding businesses from informing their users about cheaper alternatives for products or subscriptions outside of the App Store. Vestager expressed her surprise at the suspicion of Apple’s lack of compliance with the regulations.

Potential Charges

Reports have surfaced indicating that Brussels is gearing up to press charges against Apple under the DMA. The charges, if proven, could lead to fines of up to 10% of Apple’s total worldwide annual turnover. Despite the preliminary nature of the charges, Apple has the opportunity to address and rectify the concerns raised by the regulators. However, CNBC was unable to confirm the specifics of the report regarding the impending charges against the tech giant.

Vestager has been a vocal advocate for regulating the power of major technology companies, such as Apple, within the European Union. She has overseen numerous investigations into tech firms like Google’s parent company Alphabet and imposed hefty fines on these giants. The objective behind these actions is to create a level playing field within the 27-nation bloc by ensuring that all businesses comply with established regulations. Apple’s forthcoming case under the DMA is another example of the EU’s commitment to enforcing these rules.

As Vestager’s tenure as the EU’s Competition Commissioner draws to a close, she reflects on her decade-long efforts in regulating big tech. Despite facing challenging cases, such as the ongoing antitrust investigation into Microsoft’s bundling practices, Vestager remains committed to upholding competition laws. Looking ahead, she anticipates a period of rest after the high-intensity nature of her work over the past 10 years. The upcoming conclusion of her mandate marks a significant milestone in her career, characterized by relentless pursuit of fair competition in the digital landscape.

Apple’s current predicament under the EU’s regulations underscores the importance of adhering to established rules in the tech industry. The probe into Apple’s practices serves as a reminder that even major players are subject to scrutiny and enforcement actions if found to be in violation of competition laws. As technology continues to evolve, regulatory bodies like the EU will play a crucial role in maintaining a fair and competitive market environment for all businesses.


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