Apple’s Future Plans for Siri and AI: What to Expect

Apple’s Future Plans for Siri and AI: What to Expect

Apple’s Siri is set to receive a major upgrade in the form of Apple Intelligence AI system in the spring of 2025, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. This update, expected to be included in iOS 18.4, promises to bring new and improved AI features to Apple’s flagship virtual assistant, Siri.

With the implementation of Apple Intelligence AI, Siri may be able to perform tasks such as retrieving specific information from a user’s photo library or assisting with online form submissions by copying relevant data. While the specifics of the new features have not been fully disclosed by Apple, it is clear that a significant improvement in Siri’s capabilities is on the horizon.

Apple has a history of releasing new features in incremental updates across its operating systems. It is likely that the full range of AI-powered capabilities will be rolled out gradually, with certain features becoming available sooner than others. Beta versions of iOS 18 will provide more clarity on the timeline for these updates.

In the near future, users can expect enhancements such as ChatGPT integration, a redesigned Siri interface, and improved product knowledge for tech support queries. These updates are projected to be released later this year, offering users a glimpse of what’s to come with Apple’s AI integration.

Looking ahead, Apple’s AI roadmap includes the development of AirPods with embedded cameras, rumored to have infrared sensors for hand gesture and motion detection. These futuristic AirPods Pro, potentially two generations away, could revolutionize the way users interact with their devices, similar to Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses.

Overall, Apple’s plans for Siri and AI signal a significant step forward in the realm of virtual assistants and smart technology. The integration of Apple Intelligence AI in Siri promises to bring enhanced functionality and innovative features to Apple devices, setting the stage for a more intelligent and intuitive user experience in the years to come.


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