Arc Boat Company Launches Second Electric Boat Model

Arc Boat Company Launches Second Electric Boat Model

The Arc Boat Company recently announced the launch of its latest electric boat model, the Arc Sport, designed specifically for wake sports enthusiasts. This new model, priced at $258,000, follows the success of the company’s earlier limited-edition luxury cruiser, the Arc One. While the production of the Arc One was limited to just a few dozen units, the Arc Sport is set to go into continuous production after its unveiling this week. The 23-foot Arc Sport has a capacity to carry up to 15 people and is equipped with a powerful battery that can last for 4 to 6 hours, with a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

Competition in the Market

With a price point that puts it in direct competition with high-end boat models from established companies such as Nautique, MasterCraft, and Malibu, the Arc Sport aims to capture the attention of boating enthusiasts looking for a more environmentally friendly option. Traditional fuel-burning boats have long been associated with environmental issues like noise pollution, smog, and water pollution, prompting startups like Arc to offer cleaner alternatives in the boating industry.

The co-founder and CEO of Arc Boat Company, Mitch Lee, shared that his personal experience with water sports and the environmental impact of traditional boats led him to create a better, more sustainable boating experience. Partnering with former SpaceX engineer Ryan Cook, who serves as the company’s CTO, Lee set out to develop electric boats that not only reduce environmental harm but also provide a superior boating experience for consumers. The leadership team at Arc includes industry veterans from companies like Tesla, Rivian, and MarineMax, who have helped shape the company’s vision and technology.

Investment and Funding

Arc Boat Company has secured over $110 million in early-stage funding from a mix of celebrity angel investors, venture capital firms, and industry experts. Investors include NBA stars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, actor Will Smith, as well as venture capital funds like Andreessen Horowitz, Eclipse Ventures, and Menlo Ventures. The financial backing has allowed Arc to rapidly develop its electric boats within a short timeframe of three years, leveraging components from established suppliers in the automotive industry to expedite the manufacturing process.

As Arc Boat Company prepares to deliver its new battery electric Arc Sport to customers later this year, the company is poised to make a significant impact in the boating industry. By combining innovative technology, sustainable practices, and a commitment to superior performance, Arc is setting a new standard for electric boats designed for sports and leisure. With a strong foundation of investment, industry expertise, and consumer demand, Arc Boat Company is on track to revolutionize the way people experience boating.


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