Bluesky Introduces Customizable Content Moderation Tools for Users

Bluesky Introduces Customizable Content Moderation Tools for Users

Bluesky, the social platform, has recently made an exciting announcement regarding the customization of content moderation on their platform. They have introduced Ozone, an open-source moderation tool that will enable developers to create additional moderation services for users to choose from. This new feature allows users to have more control over what content is moderated in their feeds, giving them the freedom to subscribe to specific services that cater to their preferences.

By introducing Ozone, Bluesky is revolutionizing the way content moderation is approached on social media platforms. Users now have the ability to personalize their moderation experience by selecting services that label, annotate, or hide certain types of posts. For example, users can opt to subscribe to a moderation service that blocks images of spiders, providing them with a spider-free feed. Additionally, users can report any content that bypasses the moderation filters, allowing the service’s creator to review and adjust the settings accordingly.

Bluesky CEO Jay Gruber highlights the significance of this new feature, emphasizing the flexibility it offers to users. By enabling users to create and customize moderation services, Bluesky is empowering them to shape their online communities according to their preferences. Gruber mentions that users can mix and match different moderation services, providing them with endless possibilities to curate their digital spaces. This level of customization sets Bluesky apart from other platforms, showcasing their commitment to user empowerment.

Open-Sourcing Moderation Tools for Collaboration

The introduction of Ozone and the open-sourcing of moderation tools signify Bluesky’s commitment to collaboration and innovation. By allowing third-party servers to utilize their moderation tools, Bluesky is fostering a community-driven approach to content moderation. Developers have the freedom to create automated labeling services and manage moderation settings collectively, enhancing the overall moderation experience for all users. This collaborative effort is set to elevate the standard of content moderation in the industry.

Continued Growth and Evolution of Bluesky

Since its closed beta launch in 2023, Bluesky has made significant strides in enhancing its platform with new features and capabilities. From custom feeds to the ability to host servers, Bluesky has continued to evolve to meet the needs of its growing user base. With the recent introduction of customizable content moderation tools, Bluesky is poised for further growth and innovation in the social media landscape. As the platform reaches over 5 million users, it is clear that Bluesky is on a path towards becoming a leading player in the industry.


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