Celebrate Holi 2024 with Snapchat’s New AR Pichkari Lens

Celebrate Holi 2024 with Snapchat’s New AR Pichkari Lens

Snapchat has recently introduced a new ‘AR Pichkari’ lens in anticipation of the upcoming Holi festival in 2024. This innovative lens, developed by a third-party developer, allows users to virtually splash their friends with colors using their smartphone’s rear camera. The lens simulates the experience of using a pichkari (water gun) during the festive celebrations of Holi.

The AR Pichkari lens is just one of the many offerings by Snapchat that utilize augmented reality (AR) technology to create interactive experiences for users. Developed by Ronin Labs, this lens is available to all Snapchat users and can be easily accessed through the platform’s search bar or by clicking on a direct link provided by the company.

Once users have selected the AR Pichkari lens, they can switch to the rear camera on Snapchat and start spraying their friends with virtual colors. The AR technology within the app identifies the location of the user’s friends in the viewfinder and simulates the splashing effect as the phone moves, mimicking the action of using a real pichkari. Users can move around and spray their friends with Holi colors, with a color bar on the screen indicating how much color is left. Additionally, the message “Holi Hai!” is displayed on the screen halfway through the process.

Snapchat’s AR Pichkari lens is already available for use on the messaging platform in anticipation of Holi 2024. Users can access the lens by pointing their Snap camera at the Snapcode provided within the app on iOS and Android devices that have been updated to the latest version. The lens promises to bring a fun and interactive element to the celebration of Holi, allowing users to virtually engage in the colorful festivities with their friends.

Snapchat’s AR Pichkari lens offers an innovative way to celebrate the festival of Holi with friends and family. By leveraging AR technology, users can enjoy a playful and interactive experience that simulates the traditional act of splashing colors during the festive season. With its easy accessibility and interactive features, the AR Pichkari lens is sure to add an extra element of fun and excitement to the celebration of Holi in 2024.

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