Celebrating Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees

Celebrating Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees

The concept of a Hall of Fame for video games may seem like a marketing ploy or a way to boost the reputation of an awards show or museum. However, delving deeper into the importance of recognizing the industry’s most influential games and creators reveals the significance of preserving and celebrating these cultural artifacts. The Strong, a New York-based “museum of play,” has curated a unique Hall of Fame that includes a diverse array of picks from video games, tabletop games, and toys. What sets them apart is their recognition of unconventional items such as “sand,” sidewalk chalk, the stick, and the humble cardboard box, alongside commercial products like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Wii Sports, and Tetris.

This year’s video game additions to The Strong’s Hall of Fame were selected from a list of a dozen finalists, which included iconic titles such as Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Neopets, You Don’t Know Jack, Tokimeki Memorial, Metroid, and Elite. Ultimately, five classics were chosen to be inducted into the esteemed pantheon of influential games. The winners included the Atari arcade classic Asteroids, the original Resident Evil for PlayStation, as well as three PC gaming giants: Myst, SimCity, and Ultima.

Each of the inductees has made significant contributions to the gaming industry. Myst was praised for its groundbreaking world and early use of CD-ROMs, becoming the best-selling PC game of the nineties. SimCity popularized simulation, real-time strategy, and city-building games, paving the way for titles like The Sims. Ultima’s influence on fantasy role-playing games in the eighties, such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, solidified its place in gaming history. The Strong’s recognition of these games highlights their lasting impact and importance in shaping the industry.

The inductees will be featured in a permanent exhibition at The Strong’s physical museum in Rochester, NY, joining over 40 other video games added since the World Video Game Hall of Fame’s inception in 2015. Notable mentions on the full list of inductees include Doom, World of Warcraft, Oregon Trail, Tomb Raider, Colossal Cave Adventure, Minecraft, Bejeweled, King’s Quest, StarCraft, and even Microsoft Solitaire. These additions further solidify the Hall of Fame’s commitment to recognizing a diverse range of games that have had a lasting impact on the industry.

As the video game industry continues to evolve, the question remains: what are the equivalents of “sand” or “stick” in the world of video games? Suggestions for future inductees are welcome, as the industry looks to honor and preserve the contributions of both classic and contemporary games that have shaped gaming culture. The legacy of these games will live on in The Strong’s Hall of Fame, serving as a testament to the industry’s rich history and ongoing innovation.


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