Celeste and TowerFall Developers Delay Earthblade Release Until 2025

Celeste and TowerFall Developers Delay Earthblade Release Until 2025

It was almost three years ago when Celeste and TowerFall developers Extremely OK Games excited fans with the announcement of their new project, Earthblade. However, fans will now have to wait even longer to get their hands on the highly anticipated 2D exploration platformer. Lead creator and director Maddy Thorson recently shared in a blog update that Earthblade will not be released until 2025 at the earliest. Thorson expressed disappointment in not being able to provide a firm release date sooner, acknowledging that the game’s development timeline has hit some unexpected roadblocks.

Thorson revealed that despite the delay, progress on Earthblade is still ongoing. However, personal challenges, including her gender transition and major surgery, have made it difficult for her to effectively manage the project’s workload and direction. In an effort to address these issues, indie developer Kyle Pulver has joined the team as an additional game designer to help steer Earthblade towards fruition. Thorson emphasized the importance of overcoming uncertainty and remaining committed to the project despite the setbacks.

Unforeseen Circumstances

When Earthblade was initially teased in early 2021, Extremely OK Games made it clear that the development timeline was uncertain, stating that it would take as long as necessary to create the game. The delay in the release of Earthblade highlights the unpredictable nature of game development, where unforeseen challenges can arise and impact even the most carefully laid out plans. Despite the setbacks, the team remains dedicated to delivering a game that lives up to fans’ expectations.

Earthblade has garnered attention for its stunning pixel-art visuals and a soundtrack by acclaimed composer Lena Raine, known for her work on the Celeste OST. The glimpses of the game so far suggest that it will be well worth the wait for fans eager to explore its immersive world. While players may have to wait a while longer before getting their hands on Earthblade, the dedication and passion of the development team continue to drive the project forward.

The delay in the release of Earthblade showcases the realities of game development and the challenges that developers face in bringing their vision to life. Despite the setbacks, the team behind Earthblade remains committed to delivering a memorable and engaging gaming experience for fans. As the project continues to evolve and progress, the anticipation for Earthblade only grows stronger, promising an exciting and rewarding game for players to enjoy in the future.


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