Critique of X’s Communication Strategy

Critique of X’s Communication Strategy

In a recent tweet, X proudly announced that it has paid out over $45 million to more than 150,000 creators since the introduction of its ad revenue share program. At first glance, this seems like an impressive accomplishment. However, upon closer inspection, the numbers tell a different story. The tweet fails to acknowledge the fact that the rate of payouts is actually declining over time.

Last year, X made an initial block payout of $5 million to creators, followed by a report in September stating that a total of $20 million had been paid out so far. This suggests that X was paying around $5 million per month to creators for ad share by September. Based on this average, X should have paid out an additional $30 million in the following six months, bringing the total to $50 million. However, the actual total shared was $5 million less than expected, indicating a slowdown in the program.

Lack of Growth and Opportunity

The stagnant payout numbers raise concerns about the growth and sustainability of the ad revenue share program. Ideally, as more users sign up and engage with the platform, the payouts should increase to reflect the expanding opportunities for creators. However, this is not the case with X’s current data points.

One possible explanation for the decline in payouts could be attributed to reduced advertiser spend on the platform. As more advertisers pause their X campaigns, the revenue generated for creators through ad shares decreases. This highlights the importance of maintaining a steady flow of advertisers to sustain the program’s growth and success.

While X has managed to achieve success with a lean team, the lack of clarity in its communication strategy raises questions about the accuracy and transparency of the data being shared. An official communications team could have helped X avoid sharing misleading information and provide more insight into the factors impacting the program’s performance.

X’s recent data points regarding the ad revenue share program highlight the need for a more comprehensive and transparent communication strategy. By addressing the issues of declining payouts, lack of growth, and the impact of reduced advertiser spend, X can better position itself for future success. Clear and accurate communication is essential for building trust and credibility with users and investors alike.

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