Critique of X’s New Feature for Pinned Posts on Formerly Twitter

Critique of X’s New Feature for Pinned Posts on Formerly Twitter

X, formerly known as Twitter, is currently working on a new feature that would display pinned posts to a user’s followers through a dedicated breakout display in-stream. This feature, as suggested by X owner Elon Musk, aims to ensure that all followers see the pinned posts of the account they are following. However, it remains unclear how effective this will be in increasing overall user engagement. The concept of a side-scrolling update feed for pinned posts raises concerns about whether users will actually scroll through the unit to see the content.

The idea of displaying one pinned post every ~48 hours to prevent gaming of the system may not guarantee that all followers will view the content. With the vast amount of content users follow on the platform, it may be challenging for them to navigate through the side-scrolling unit to find the pinned post. Additionally, the fact that only 20% of X’s users post anything at all on the app further reduces the potential reach of the feature. This limitation may hinder the effectiveness of the new display in reaching a wide audience.

Despite Musk’s initial promise of ensuring all followers see pinned posts, the side-scrolling display unit seems like a compromise in visibility. The non-intuitive nature of the unit may deter users from actively engaging with pinned posts, thereby limiting their reach. This compromise raises questions about the actual impact of the feature on user engagement and whether it will truly benefit users who are looking to increase their reach and traction on the platform.

While the new display feature may not be a game-changer for general users, it could serve as an additional consideration for those seeking to expand their reach on X. The competition for space in the display units may vary depending on how many profiles each follower follows. This variability could either enhance or hinder a user’s ability to gain traction and reach through the pinned post feature. Ultimately, the effectiveness of the feature may depend on how users leverage it as part of their posting strategy on the platform.

X’s new display feature for pinned posts presents both potential benefits and limitations for users. While it may offer a way to increase visibility and reach for those actively posting on the platform, the side-scrolling unit and competition for space raise concerns about its overall impact on user engagement. As the feature undergoes limited testing and prepares for a broader rollout, users should consider experimenting with it as part of their growth strategies on X. However, the true effectiveness of the feature in enhancing user engagement remains to be seen.

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