Dead by Daylight Unveils Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Chapter with Vecna as Next Killer

Dead by Daylight Unveils Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Chapter with Vecna as Next Killer

Dead by Daylight has recently announced their upcoming chapter inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, introducing Vecna as the next killer in the game. This new addition will bring elements of the popular fantasy pen-and-paper RPG into the multiplayer horror game, offering players a unique and exciting gameplay experience.

Vecna, a long-running mega-baddie from Dungeons & Dragons, will be the central focus of the new chapter in Dead by Daylight. Voiced by Critical Role dungeon master Matthew Mercer, Vecna will possess four powerful spells that players can use to wield against survivors. These spells will allow Vecna to fly, fire off projectiles, manipulate objects, and reveal survivors using his Dispelling Sphere ability.

The new chapter will also introduce The Troupe, a duo of survivors named Baermar Uraz and Aestri Yazar. These characters, a human and an elf bard, will have unique abilities such as creating illusions, casting Bardic Inspiration to assist teammates, and spotting nearby generators and items with Still Sight. Players will have the opportunity to test out these new characters and explore their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Players will have the chance to explore a new dungeon map called the Forgotten Ruins, where they can discover treasure chests containing magical items. The game will incorporate a dice-rolling mechanic, with players rolling a d20 to determine the outcome of opening a treasure chest. Finding Vecna’s powerful gear will require a successful roll, while a critical fail may lead to unforeseen consequences for the players.

In addition to the D&D-inspired chapter, Dead by Daylight has teased an upcoming chapter inspired by Castlevania, set to be released on August 6th. This new chapter may include iconic characters such as Dracula and a Belmont survivor, adding more depth to the game’s lore. Furthermore, a new supersized casual mode will be introduced this summer, allowing two killers to face off against eight survivors in an intense gameplay experience.

Overall, Dead by Daylight continues to impress players with its innovative crossovers and exciting new content. The introduction of a Dungeons & Dragons inspired chapter with Vecna as the killer showcases the game’s commitment to delivering fresh and engaging experiences for its community. With upcoming chapters inspired by Castlevania and the addition of a supersized casual mode, players can look forward to a thrilling summer filled with new challenges and adventures in the world of Dead by Daylight.


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