Dead Cells Animated Series: A New Level of Excitement

Dead Cells Animated Series: A New Level of Excitement

Dead Cells, the popular metroidvania game, is taking a leap from the gaming world to the realm of animation with a new television series. Produced by French animation studio Bobbypills, the series promises to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved game.

The first trailer for the Dead Cells animated series showcases a different animation style from the game trailers. While some fans may have reservations about the change, I find it refreshing. The new style adds a playful touch to the narrative, making it more engaging and visually appealing.

One aspect of the animated series that stands out is its comedic approach. The trailer is filled with witty jokes and humorous moments, showing that the creators are not taking the subject matter too seriously. This lightheartedness adds an extra layer of entertainment to the series, making it a joy to watch.

The Dead Cells animated series is set to premiere on June 19th on ADN (France), an online streaming service. While an English version is scheduled for later release, viewers can still enjoy the show with subtitles. This accessibility ensures that fans from around the world can experience the excitement of the animated adaptation.

As Dead Cells evolves into a new medium, its original developers Motion Twin are gearing up to launch a new roguelike game, Windblown. Additionally, Evil Empire, the spin-off studio, is preparing to release the licensed roguelite The Rogue Princes Of Persia. This expansion of the Dead Cells universe shows the lasting impact and creativity of the franchise.

Overall, the Dead Cells animated series is poised to bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the world of animation. With its unique animation style, comedic tone, and upcoming release, fans of the game have much to anticipate. It’s a testament to the enduring popularity and creativity of Dead Cells, showcasing its ability to thrive in new and unexpected ways. So mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a new adventure with the Dead Cells animated series.


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