Escape From Tarkov’s Unheard Edition Uproar Explained

Escape From Tarkov’s Unheard Edition Uproar Explained

The recent release of the $250 Unheard edition of Escape From Tarkov has sparked outrage among players who previously purchased the $150 Edge Of Darkness edition. These players were promised access to all future DLC at no extra cost, leading to frustration when they found out that they would need to purchase an upgrade to the Unheard edition in order to access the new co-op PvE mode. Battlestate Games, the developer of Escape From Tarkov, responded to the backlash by clarifying their position on the matter.

The studio head of Battlestate Games defended their decision by stating that the new co-op PvE mode is not considered a DLC. They define DLC as major additions to the game that are released after the official launch, such as themed DLC packs that introduce new mechanics and content. Since the PvE mode is not a traditional DLC, it is not included in the Edge Of Darkness edition. This explanation did little to appease the disappointed players who felt misled by the initial promises made about future content.

Another reason cited by the developer for not including the PvE mode in the Edge Of Darkness edition is related to server capacity. Battlestate Games acknowledged that their servers could not currently support all Edge Of Darkness owners accessing the new PvE mode. They assured players that the functionality of the mode would be available for free to all owners of the Edge Of Darkness version once the game is officially released and the server infrastructure is improved to meet the required capacity. In the meantime, players were given the option to test the mode by purchasing the Unheard edition or upgrading to it, with a 50% discount offered for those who choose to do so.

The response from players on Reddit was overwhelmingly negative, with many expressing their dissatisfaction with the developer’s explanations. The promised access to all future DLC at no extra cost was a major selling point for the Edge Of Darkness edition, and the introduction of a new edition with additional content left many feeling betrayed. The fact that the new PvE mode was not considered a DLC and the server capacity issue did little to alleviate their frustrations. Players felt that they were being forced to pay more money to access content that they believed was already included in their initial purchase.

The controversy surrounding Escape From Tarkov’s Unheard edition highlights the challenges of managing player expectations and delivering on promises made during the initial sale of a game. The response from Battlestate Games has done little to appease the upset players, who feel that they have been misled and unfairly treated. Moving forward, it will be important for the developer to communicate more effectively with their player base and ensure that any future content releases are handled in a more transparent and user-friendly manner.


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