Exploring Bloober Team’s Upcoming Projects

Exploring Bloober Team’s Upcoming Projects

Twitter user pl_evil recently shared a translation of a letter to shareholders from Bloober Team, revealing that the studio’s next original game, “Project C”, will be unveiled later this year. This news comes after the release of Layers Of Fear, followed by a confusing sequel, Layers Of Fear 2, and then a return to the original title, Layers Of Fear. Despite the title confusion, Bloober Team has been busy working on various projects, including an IP for the Silent Hill 2 remake set to launch this year and a collaboration with Skybound Entertainment on a game codenamed “Project R”. Given Skybound’s association with The Walking Dead, it’s not difficult to imagine what Project R may involve. As speculation swirls, many are eagerly anticipating Geoff’s summer announcement of Project C.

Known for their distinct horror games, Bloober Team has carved out a niche in the gaming industry since their breakout success with Layers Of Fear in 2016. Their original IPs often explore themes of reality distortion and perception, as seen in titles like Observer and The Medium. While Observer delved into cyberpunk horror by allowing players to access memories of the deceased, The Medium offered a dual perspective of the living and the dead worlds simultaneously. Despite their thematic consistency, Bloober Team’s games vary in tone and style, making each release a unique experience for players.

A Diverse Portfolio

Although Bloober Team has gained recognition for their original IPs, they have also dabbled in remakes and adaptations, as evidenced by their work on Blair Witch in 2019. While not universally loved, the studio has emphasized their commitment to staying true to the source material when revisiting classic titles like Silent Hill 2. With the upcoming reveal of Project R next year, fans can expect to see a continuation of Bloober Team’s diverse portfolio, showcasing their ability to tackle different genres and storytelling approaches.

As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the reveal of Project C and Project R, Bloober Team continues to solidify their place as a leading developer in the horror genre. With a track record of innovative storytelling and immersive gameplay experiences, the studio’s future projects hold promise for both longtime fans and newcomers alike. Whether embarking on a new standalone adventure or revisiting familiar IPs, Bloober Team’s upcoming releases are sure to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of interactive storytelling.


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