Exploring Helldivers 2’s Cutting Edge Premium Warbond

Exploring Helldivers 2’s Cutting Edge Premium Warbond

Helldivers 2’s latest DLC battle pass, known as the Cutting Edge Premium warbond, introduces a variety of quirky gadgets and upgrades for players to enjoy. From lightning shotguns to burst-fire laser rifles, stun grenades, and experimental armor, there is no shortage of new gear to test out on the battlefield.

One standout feature is the lightning shotgun, which fires arcs of electricity that can connect between players and enemies. Additionally, the new Electrical Conduit armor perk reduces arc damage by an impressive 95%, allowing close-knit teams to navigate through battles without fear of being frazzled.

Players can purchase the Cutting Edge Premium warbond for 1000 Super Credits, which translates to 700 Super Credits when factoring in the 300 Super Credit payout included in the pack. These credits can be earned through gameplay or purchased from the Acquisition Centre for $9.99/£7.99. Once the warbond is acquired, players must spend medals from their victories, near-victories, or honorable defeats to unlock the included goodies.

One notable aspect of the warbond is that there is no time limit on obtaining the rewards, allowing players to progress at their own pace without feeling rushed.

Speculation on Illuminates Faction

The addition of the arc-resistant armor perk has sparked speculation among players regarding the potential return of the Illuminates faction from the first Helldivers game. The Illuminates were known for their use of Tesla weaponry, and the introduction of the armor perk may hint at their eventual comeback.

While Arrowhead Studios is currently focused on expanding the Terminid faction with new missions and enemies, hints within the game suggest that the Illuminates may still be a looming threat. Leaked images and in-game broadcasts referencing the faction have only added to the speculation among the player base.

A common concern among players is whether the Cutting Edge Premium warbond will create a pay-to-win scenario within the game. However, Arrowhead Studios has reassured the community that they have taken steps to avoid this issue. CEO Johan Pilestedt emphasized the studio’s commitment to creating a “systems-first” game that rewards experimentation and skill over monetary investment.

As players await the release of the warbond contents, it’s important to remember the studio’s dedication to maintaining a fair and balanced gameplay experience.

The Cutting Edge Premium warbond for Helldivers 2 offers players a range of exciting new gadgets and upgrades to enhance their gameplay experience. With unique features like the lightning shotgun and Electrical Conduit armor perk, as well as hints at future content additions, the warbond is sure to keep players engaged in the ongoing fight against the alien threats.


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