Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail Expansion Launch Date Revealed

Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail Expansion Launch Date Revealed

Final Fantasy 14 fans have something to look forward to as the next expansion, Dawntrail, has an official launch date. The early access for the expansion will begin on June 28th, followed by the full release on July 2nd. This announcement was made by Producer Yoshi P at PAX East, amidst much anticipation and excitement from the community.

One interesting aspect of the announcement is the proximity of Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion release to another highly anticipated RPG expansion. Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree expansion is set to release on June 21st, just one week before Dawntrail. Yoshi-P humorously acknowledged this fact, mentioning that initially the team had considered releasing the expansion a week earlier. However, they decided to give players some time to enjoy the Elden Ring DLC before diving into Dawntrail.

Yoshi-P’s transparency and humor during the announcement were well-received by the audience. He jokingly mentioned that the delay in the release was not because he wanted to play the Elden Ring DLC first before Dawntrail, even though he admitted looking forward to it. This lighthearted approach to discussing the release dates added a personal touch to the announcement, showcasing the passion and dedication of the team behind Final Fantasy 14.

One commendable aspect of Yoshi-P’s attitude is his willingness to acknowledge and appreciate other games and developers. He has previously expressed his admiration for Blizzard and even mentioned the desire to do a crossover with Diablo. This level of respect and admiration for other games not only shows humility but also a genuine love for the gaming industry as a whole.

The announcement of Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion launch date has generated excitement and anticipation among fans. The decision to push the release date to allow players to enjoy another RPG expansion first is a testament to the team’s consideration for the gaming community. With Yoshi-P’s humor and transparency shining through, players can look forward to a fun and engaging experience with the upcoming expansion. Overall, the future looks bright for Final Fantasy 14 and its dedicated fanbase.


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