Google Meet Introduces Portrait Touch-Up Filters for Web App Users

Google Meet Introduces Portrait Touch-Up Filters for Web App Users

Google Meet, a popular video conferencing platform, is now offering users the ability to touch up their appearance with new portrait filters. This feature was previously available on the mobile app and has now been rolled out to the web app version of Google Meet.

Users can choose from two different filters: subtle and smoothing. The subtle filter provides “very light” complexion smoothing, under-eye lightening, and eye whitening. On the other hand, the smoothing filter enhances these effects slightly. Unlike some other filters on platforms like Snapchat, Google’s filters aim to provide a more natural look rather than drastic changes to one’s appearance.

To access the touch-up options, users need to select the Apply visual effects setting in Meet and choose Appearance. From there, they can toggle Portrait touch-up on or off and select their preferred filter. This feature is being rolled out starting today, but it is only available to paid users on specific subscription plans such as Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials, and Education Plus.

Comparison to Competitors

Google was relatively late in introducing face filters compared to competitors like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, Google’s approach seems to focus on providing subtle enhancements rather than drastic alterations to one’s appearance. This may appeal to users who prefer a more natural look during video meetings.

Overall, Google Meet’s new portrait touch-up filters offer users the ability to enhance their appearance in a subtle and natural way. By providing options for both subtle and smoothing effects, users can choose the level of enhancement that suits their preferences. As video conferencing becomes increasingly prevalent in both personal and professional settings, features like portrait touch-up filters can help users feel more confident and comfortable during online meetings.


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