Google Messages Introduces Long-Awaited Message Editing Feature

Google Messages Introduces Long-Awaited Message Editing Feature

After much anticipation, Google Messages has finally started testing the long-awaited ‘messages editing’ feature. Speculations regarding the addition of this feature began in December 2023, when reports uncovered various indicators pointing towards message editing capabilities. Now, beta testers have the opportunity to experience and utilize this new feature, indicating that Google is in the final stages of implementing it. This suggests that the feature may soon be accessible to users worldwide in the upcoming weeks.

Reportedly, the feature was discovered in the latest beta version of the Google Messages app, identified as Users who are part of the Google Play Store beta program and have this version installed can now edit messages post-sending. However, there is a restriction associated with this feature – it will only function if the recipient of the message is also using the same beta version of the app. In cases where the recipient is not on the beta version, the edits will not reflect on their end.

How the Editing Process Works

According to details shared by tipster AssembleDebug on X (formerly known as Twitter), the editing feature comes with a 15-minute time limit. To edit a message, users must long-press the message they want to modify and then click on the newly added pencil icon. This action will open a text box displaying the original message, allowing users to make the necessary changes. Upon completion, clicking on a checkmark icon situated next to the text box will confirm the edit, which will then be visible to the message recipient. It’s worth noting that Google will provide an edit history feature as well, enabling all participants to view the original messages and subsequent edits. This functionality permits multiple edits on a single message while offering visibility of all versions to users.

Despite the excitement surrounding the introduction of the message editing feature, Google has yet to announce a definitive timeline for its global roll-out. This leaves users eagerly awaiting confirmation of when they can access this much-desired function on their devices. The forthcoming weeks are likely to bring more clarity on the availability and accessibility of this feature to a wider audience.

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