Instagram’s New Interactive Stickers – A Review

Instagram’s New Interactive Stickers – A Review

Instagram has recently introduced four new interactive stickers in hopes of increasing engagement and interaction on the platform. These additions come at a time when sharing activity is shifting towards private messaging, prompting Instagram to provide more options for in-stream interactivity.

One of the new stickers is the “Add Yours Music” option, allowing users to respond to Stories with a track. This feature provides users with the ability to reply with a song, enhancing engagement opportunities. As music plays a significant role in social app engagement, especially among younger users, this sticker aligns Instagram with current content trends.

Instagram has also introduced a “Frames” sticker that transforms photos into Polaroid-like images. To view these images, viewers must shake their phone, adding a playful element to the interaction. This feature was first showcased during Instagram’s Coachella tie-in event, showcasing its creative potential.

The “Reveal” sticker is designed to be visible only when a viewer sends the creator a direct message. This sticker prompts users to provide a hint about the content behind their blurred story, encouraging interaction through private communication. While it offers an additional interactive option, viewers can simply respond with any message to access the image, adding a layer of transparency to story viewership.

Instagram is also reintroducing the “Cutouts” sticker, which allows users to create stickers from elements within a photo. While this option has been available to some users since January, it is now accessible to all users, enabling greater customization in Stories. These stickers provide a new avenue for engagement and creativity, enhancing the overall Stories experience.

Instagram’s new interactive stickers offer users innovative ways to engage with content and spark interest among viewers. While these features may not be groundbreaking, they contribute to diversifying Stories engagement and expanding interactive opportunities on the platform. Users are encouraged to explore these stickers in their Stories to discover their full potential and enhance their Instagram experience.

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