Is Meta Verified Worth the Investment?

Is Meta Verified Worth the Investment?

If you’re not paying for verification on Facebook or Instagram, would you ever consider it? What about if Meta added in some new features for paying users, like the capacity to add links in Reels? These are some of the options being considered as Meta looks for ways to drive more take-up of its Meta Verified program. The selections listed as potential additions include original content protection (via human review), faster ad reviews, better access to customer support, links in Reels (8 per month), customer support case monitoring, an alternative display for brand messages, and an alternative brand verification badge similar to X’s gold tick. While these features are intriguing, it’s uncertain whether they would serve as compelling incentives to drive a significant increase in subscriptions.

A year after the launch of Meta’s “Meta Verified” paid subscription service, which provides a verification tick, added impersonation protection, dedicated support, and more for $11.99 per month (when purchased on the web), many users appear to have lost interest in the offering. While Meta hasn’t disclosed official data on Meta Verified take-up, a basic analysis of Meta’s Q4 performance suggests that the platform likely sold a few million subscriptions between Q2 and Q4 of the previous year. With almost 4 billion users across its apps, having only 5 million subscribers translates to less than 1% of its total user base, a rate consistent with most social subscription offerings. While an additional $100 million per year from subscriptions would warrant further investment and attention, the act of selling verification checkmarks diminishes their perceived value. The more subscriptions sold, the less valuable the program becomes, unless considering the other benefits it offers.

Despite the added features and benefits of Meta Verified, such as direct access to support, the $144 annual cost may not justify the investment for many users. The features only provide marginal, periodic value, even for brands. While some of the new additions may be worth the price, investing in platforms that are also accessible for free and are reducing reach could be a better use of funds, particularly for those creating Reels. Individual results may vary, and some users may find value in their Meta Verified subscription, but the majority may not see it as a worthwhile expense. The possible inclusion of a reach boost could garner more interest, as in Meta’s initial Meta Verified package, but this could also diminish in value as more users sign up.

Meta may be generating significant revenue from its verification program, but if it hopes to attract more users and brands to pay for the service, it will need to offer better incentives than the current options in consideration. While the program may continue to exist due to its profitability, enhancing the features and benefits could be crucial in increasing its appeal to a wider audience. As the landscape of social media platforms evolves and user behaviors change, Meta will need to adapt its strategies to ensure continued success with its paid offerings.

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