Is Meta’s Verification for Business Worth It?

Is Meta’s Verification for Business Worth It?

Meta is expanding access to its Verification for Business subscription package for brands, allowing them to purchase a blue checkmark for their Facebook and/or Instagram profiles. The option was previously only available in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, but it is now open to businesses in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy. This expansion reflects the growing popularity of the verification option and suggests positive uptake from businesses. In addition to broadening access, Meta has introduced new higher-priced tiers for its business verification packages to cater to various use cases.

The Verification for Business packages now offer four increasingly costly verification options, each with its range of add-on benefits. The prices range from $499 per month for the highest tier to $699.98 per month for both Facebook and IG verification. These prices may seem steep, especially for smaller businesses, but Meta is offering a 20% discount for brands that verify both profiles. It is essential to scrutinize what each package includes before committing to such a significant monthly expense.

All Verification for Business packages provide a verified badge for the profile, enhanced account support, and impersonation monitoring. Depending on the tier you choose, you may also get additional features such as multiple business link options, search optimization to appear at the top of search results, a featured account display, links in Reels, employee impersonation protection, customized messaging chats, and account reviews from a Meta expert. These new elements aim to enhance the overall profile presentation and provide more visibility and protection for businesses on the platforms.

While the added benefits of the new subscription packages may seem attractive, the high price points raise the question of whether it is worth it for businesses to invest in Meta’s Verification for Business. The decision ultimately depends on the specific needs and goals of the brand. For businesses already heavily invested in Facebook and Instagram promotions, the additional features like enhanced profile options and employee impersonation protection may provide value. However, for smaller businesses with tighter budgets, the cost may outweigh the benefits.

Before committing to a monthly expense of at least $499 for the Verification for Business package, brands should carefully evaluate their marketing strategies and objectives. While the blue checkmark may not hold the same level of credibility as it once did, the new add-ons offer a range of potential benefits that could enhance a brand’s presence on the platforms. It may be worth waiting to see how larger brands leverage these new features before making a decision to purchase the verification package.

Meta’s expanded Verification for Business offers more options for brands looking to enhance their Facebook and Instagram profiles. The additional elements and higher-priced tiers cater to different business needs, but the cost may be prohibitive for some. Businesses should carefully weigh the benefits of the new package features against the monthly investment before making a decision. Ultimately, the value of Meta’s Verification for Business lies in the specific requirements and goals of each individual brand in leveraging these tools for social media success.

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