Larian Studios Will Not Be Making Baldur’s Gate 4 or Any DLC

Larian Studios Will Not Be Making Baldur’s Gate 4 or Any DLC

After the incredible success of Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios, led by founder and CEO Swen Vincke, has made the surprising announcement that they will not be creating a Baldur’s Gate 4. In addition, they will not be developing any DLC or expansions for Baldur’s Gate 3, signaling a new direction for the studio. Vincke revealed this news during a panel at GDC, stating that they will be shifting away from Dungeons & Dragons for their next project and returning the Baldur’s Gate license to Wizards Of The Coast.

While some fans may be disappointed by this decision, Vincke emphasized that the story they told in Baldur’s Gate 3 had a clear beginning, middle, and end, and does not require additional content. He expressed confidence in this strategic shift, believing it is the right move for Larian Studios. This departure from the traditional approach of releasing DLC and expansions for their games showcases the studio’s willingness to explore new creative avenues and challenges.

The absence of a Definitive Edition for Baldur’s Gate 3 may surprise fans who are familiar with Larian’s past releases, such as Divinity: Original Sin II. Typically, Larian would release a Definitive Edition of their RPGs, incorporating performance enhancements, additional quests, and other improvements. However, given that Baldur’s Gate 3 is already available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox, the studio may feel less compelled to create a separate edition. Instead, Larian has been focused on delivering patches and updates to enhance the player experience across all platforms since the initial launch in August.

While Larian had hinted at potential DLC or expansions for Baldur’s Gate 3 in the past, the recent announcement marks a definitive end to any such plans. As for what lies ahead for Larian Studios, only time will tell. The studio has earned a well-deserved break after the tremendous success of Baldur’s Gate 3. While speculation may point towards a possible Divinity: Original Sin 3 in the future, Vincke’s affirmation that it will happen “at some point” leaves room for uncertainty and anticipation.

Larian Studios’ decision to forego Baldur’s Gate 4 and any additional content for Baldur’s Gate 3 exemplifies their commitment to innovation and creative exploration. As they embark on new ventures beyond the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, fans can look forward to witnessing the evolution of this esteemed studio in the gaming industry. While the absence of future Baldur’s Gate installments may be bittersweet, it paves the way for exciting possibilities and fresh experiences from Larian Studios.


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