League Of Geeks Delays Release of Solium Infernum Remake

League Of Geeks Delays Release of Solium Infernum Remake

League Of Geeks, the studio behind the remake of the cult strategy game Solium Infernum, has announced a one-week delay in its release date. Originally scheduled for February 14th, the game will now launch on February 22nd.

It is disappointing news for fans who were hoping to spend their romantic Valentine’s evening engaging in a demonic battle for hell’s control. Backstabbing your partner to claim victory in Satan’s absence would undoubtedly make for an unconventional and exciting date night. Unfortunately, the game’s release delay means that players will have to settle for a regular Thursday evening in February instead.

The reason behind the delay appears to be constructive player feedback from Solium Infernum’s recent multiplayer playtest weekend. The studio revealed in a blog post that over 4000 players participated in the playtest, engaging in more than 400 matches over the three-day period. This extensive testing led to the discovery of several issues that required immediate attention before the game’s launch.

The playtest brought three key areas of improvement to the developers’ attention: the tutorial, game stability, and performance. According to the blog post, while the tutorial effectively introduced the core mechanics of the game, it proved to be prone to breaking. The developers acknowledged that this was less than ideal, as new players were encountering frustrating bugs early in their gaming experience.

To address this, the team has set “very aggressive targets for stability” and made performance a major priority. They assure players that the game’s performance upon release will be significantly improved compared to pre-release versions.

Despite the delays and issues, members of the RPS Treehouse had a positive experience during an asynchronous multiplayer match preceding the public playtest. The full game will offer both real-time multiplayer matches and single-player Chronicles episodes, as well as a Skirmish mode.

While awaiting the game’s launch, a thought-provoking question arises: which member of the RPS Treehouse would emerge victorious in a game of Solium Infernum? Additionally, players may speculate on which of the eight Arch Fiends in the game best represents each team member.

The delay in the release date of League Of Geeks’ remake of Solium Infernum may be disappointing for eager fans, but it demonstrates the studio’s commitment to delivering a polished and improved gaming experience. With their focus on stability and performance, players can anticipate a significantly enhanced game upon its eventual release.

As we eagerly await the game’s launch, speculation abounds regarding who would emerge victorious in a game of demonic strategy within the RPS Treehouse. Only time will tell which member will reign supreme and which Arch Fiend will represent each team member in this thrilling battle for control over the underworld.


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