Meta Offers Financial Incentives to Boost Threads Engagement

Meta Offers Financial Incentives to Boost Threads Engagement

Recent data indicates a rise in Threads usage in the United States, prompting Meta to implement a new strategy to enhance in-app engagement. The social media giant is now providing financial incentives to high-profile creators to encourage them to post on the Threads app.

Meta is offering select creators from its other platforms up to $5,000 to create content for Threads. Additionally, creators who garner more than 10,000 views for a single post on the app may be eligible for a payout. However, this bonus program is by invitation only, as stated in Meta’s documentation. Invited creators will receive notifications through the Instagram app’s Professional Dashboard.

The forthcoming creators that will partake in the program will most likely be well-known figures who have not yet established a presence on Threads. This initiative marks Meta’s continued efforts to promote Threads, including forming partnerships with celebrities and sports teams to generate interest among users.

Enhanced Program

Meta recently launched a preliminary version of the bonus program with a select group of users. Subsequently, the company has increased the payout amounts and raised the minimum views per post to qualify. These modifications aim to drive the growth of Threads, which has amassed 20 million new users since February, totaling 150 million monthly active users.

While Threads’ growth is commendable, it still trails behind other platforms like X, which boasts 550 million monthly active users. Meta’s quest to surpass these figures hinges on providing a more positive user experience by steering clear of political content and real-time trends. This approach may attract disgruntled users from platforms like Twitter and foster a more inviting environment on Threads. With the arrival of notable personalities and their respective followers, Meta anticipates a spike in app engagement, further propelling its growth trajectory.

By incentivizing creators to produce content for Threads and refining the user experience, Meta strives to solidify Threads’ position in the social media landscape and carve out a niche for itself in the competitive digital realm.

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