Meta Updates AI Content Detection Label to “AI Info”

Meta Updates AI Content Detection Label to “AI Info”

Meta made an important update to its artificial intelligence (AI) content detection label, changing it from “Made with AI” to “AI Info”. This announcement follows criticism from Instagram influencers and photographers who expressed dissatisfaction with the previous label. The company admitted that the old label did not meet user expectations and lacked necessary context. The new label aims to eliminate confusion by providing more information about images and videos that have been edited using AI tools.

Meta updated a previous post to inform users about the change in the labelling of AI-generated content. Posts will no longer be tagged as “Made with AI” but will now be labelled as “AI Info”. However, Meta will continue to flag posts that have undergone even minor edits using AI tools. While some users have already seen the new label, its visibility will gradually expand to all users in the coming days. Users can click on the AI label to access additional context, opening a bottom sheet that explains the possible use of generative AI in creating or editing the content.

Industry Standards and Collaboration

Meta utilizes industry-standard indicators, such as the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) and the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) standards, to detect AI-generated content. The company also collaborates with various organizations in the industry to enhance its AI labelling process and ensure alignment with their intentions. Despite these efforts, Gadgets 360 discovered that a significant number of AI-generated images evade detection by Meta’s tools.

One major concern raised is the possible dilution of the “AI Info” label’s purpose by using it to flag images that have been retouched with AI. This could obscure the original intent of identifying deepfakes and manipulative AI content. The ongoing challenge for Meta is to refine its AI detection capabilities to accurately differentiate between authentic and altered content, ultimately safeguarding users from misinformation and deceptive visuals.

Meta’s decision to update the AI content detection label to “AI Info” reflects a commitment to enhancing transparency and context in content shared on its platform. As technology continues to advance, it is essential for companies like Meta to adapt their strategies to address emerging challenges in AI-generated content detection. Collaborative efforts within the industry and continuous refinement of detection algorithms will be crucial in maintaining the integrity of online content and promoting a safer digital environment for all users.

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