Reddit’s New Updates for Hosting and Promoting AMA Sessions

Reddit’s New Updates for Hosting and Promoting AMA Sessions

Reddit is rolling out new updates to make hosting and promoting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions easier than ever before. One of the key features being added is the ability to schedule AMAs in advance. This new scheduling option allows Redditors to choose “AMA” as a post type within the scheduling flow on desktop, enabling them to plan out their interview session ahead of time. This eliminates the need for creating separate posts to signal the AMA, streamlining the process for hosts and participants alike.

In addition to scheduling, Reddit is also introducing features to help hosts build hype for their upcoming AMA sessions. Preview links for scheduled AMAs will be provided, allowing hosts to share and promote their sessions in advance. A “Remind Me” button will also be added next to AMA posts, sending push notifications to interested users 24 hours before the session and right before it begins. These features are designed to maximize attendance and spread the word about the upcoming AMA, benefiting both hosts and participants.

Another new feature being added to AMA sessions is the ability for hosts to invite guest collaborators. Up to five guests can now join an AMA session and answer questions individually, making it easier to involve multiple people in the conversation. This is particularly useful for sessions with larger groups, such as K-Pop bands, where each member can participate through their own profile. Additionally, new end notes will be introduced to clearly indicate when an AMA session has concluded, allowing hosts to share links to other social channels for attendees to continue engaging with them.

To enhance the user experience during and after AMA sessions, Reddit is adding the option to sort comments by “Answered” and “Unanswered”. This will make it easier for participants to see which questions have been addressed by the hosts and which are still pending. These updates not only improve the functionality of Reddit’s AMA process but also provide users with more tools to maximize their AMA sessions on the platform.

Overall, these new updates are a welcome addition to Reddit’s AMA feature, offering increased flexibility and engagement for hosts and participants alike. With AMA sessions consistently ranking among the top performing posts on Reddit, these enhancements are important for the continued growth and success of the platform’s community-driven content.

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