Reevaluating Apple’s Misstep with the iPad Pro Commercial

Reevaluating Apple’s Misstep with the iPad Pro Commercial

Apple recently released a new advertisement for its iPad Pro that quickly garnered widespread criticism within the creative community. The commercial, titled “Crush!”, aimed to showcase the creative possibilities of the new M4-powered iPad Pro by depicting various artistic elements being crushed under a hydraulic press, leaving only the iPad Pro intact. However, instead of inspiring creativity, the commercial was met with backlash for its insensitive portrayal of art and expression.

Following the backlash, Apple’s vice president of marketing, Tor Myhren, issued a statement to Ad Age, acknowledging that the company had “missed the mark” with the advertisement. Myhren emphasized Apple’s commitment to creativity and empowering creators worldwide, stating that the goal was always to celebrate the diverse ways in which users express themselves through the iPad. The company expressed regret for the misstep and apologized for the offense caused by the commercial.

The commercial’s depiction of artistic endeavors being destroyed was perceived as a disregard for the value of creativity and expression. Prominent figures in the creative industry, such as Hugh Grant and Reed Morano, criticized the advertisement for trivializing human experience and lacking sensitivity towards artists and their work. The portrayal of art forms being crushed under pressure struck a chord with many creatives, who felt that it undermined the importance of artistic expression.

The Impact of the Misstep

Apple’s misstep with the iPad Pro commercial not only sparked controversy but also raised questions about the company’s understanding of the creative community’s values and perspectives. The backlash highlighted the need for brands to be mindful of the messages they convey in their marketing efforts, especially when targeting audiences that place a high value on creativity and expression. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of considering the impact of advertising on various stakeholders and being sensitive to diverse perspectives.

Apple’s mishap with the iPad Pro commercial serves as a lesson in the power of advertising and the impact it can have on audiences. The backlash from the creative community underscores the importance of authenticity and sensitivity in marketing campaigns, particularly when promoting products that are intended to inspire creativity. Moving forward, it is essential for brands to listen to feedback, learn from their mistakes, and approach advertising with empathy and understanding towards their audience’s values and beliefs.


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