Review of EcoFlow’s Delta Pro 3 Portable Solar Generator

Review of EcoFlow’s Delta Pro 3 Portable Solar Generator

EcoFlow has recently launched its latest product, the Delta Pro 3 portable solar generator. This innovative device is designed to provide power in various settings, from backing up your home during a blackout to powering a party at the beach. With an emphasis on increased storage capacity, powerful inputs and outputs, reduced noise, and enhanced portability, the Delta Pro 3 aims to be a versatile and reliable power solution.

One of the standout features of the Delta Pro 3 is its ability to scale up for larger power needs. A single Delta Pro 3 battery can expand from 4kWh to 12kWh when paired with two 4kWh expansion batteries, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It can deliver up to 4000W of output (8000W peak), allowing it to power essential household appliances, such as induction ovens, cooling and heating systems, well pumps, and refrigerators. The flexibility to power both 120V and 240V appliances adds to its appeal as a comprehensive power solution.

For home backup purposes, the Delta Pro 3 can be interconnected with multiple units for increased power and capacity. When combined with an EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, three maxed-out Delta Pro 3 units can provide an impressive 12kW of output and 48kWh of storage. This level of capacity is sufficient to sustain the average US home for approximately a day and a half, making it a reliable backup option for extended power outages.

The Delta Pro 3 offers a variety of charging methods, including solar inputs, AC wall chargers, EV chargers, and EcoFlow’s Dual Fuel Generator. This versatility allows users to charge the battery in different environments, such as homes, vehicles, or outdoor settings. Additionally, the support for multi-charging enables faster charging speeds by combining multiple inputs for up to 7000W of charging power.

In addition to home use, the Delta Pro 3 is also suitable for powering RVs and vans. Equipped with a TT-30R outlet for 120V/30A power output and a 12V/30A Anderson port for low-voltage DC devices, the Delta Pro 3 offers a convenient all-in-one power solution for vehicles. Its quiet operation, emitting less than 30dB when running under 2000W, ensures a peaceful living environment inside small spaces like RVs.

The Delta Pro 3 is priced at $3,699 per unit, with a discounted rate of $3,199 until July 23rd. For users requiring additional capacity, combining a DP3 with an expansion battery raises the price to $6,298 (or $5,498 until July 23rd). The product will be available in Europe and the UK by September, expanding its reach to international markets.

EcoFlow’s Delta Pro 3 portable solar generator stands out as a versatile and reliable power solution for a variety of applications. With its enhanced features, versatile charging options, and quiet operation, the Delta Pro 3 offers a comprehensive power solution for both home and outdoor use. Despite its higher price point, the Delta Pro 3’s performance and capabilities make it a worthy investment for those seeking a dependable power backup system.


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