Sony Reports 7% Drop in Annual Profits for Fiscal Year 2023

Sony Reports 7% Drop in Annual Profits for Fiscal Year 2023

Sony has revealed a 7% decline in annual profits for the fiscal year 2023, largely attributed to a decrease in its financial services division. The company also fell short of its projected unit sales for its flagship PlayStation 5 gaming console. Despite this, Sony managed to exceed revenue expectations for the March quarter, reporting 3.5 trillion yen ($22.4 billion) compared to the anticipated 2.89 trillion yen, marking a 14% increase year-over-year.

Operating profit for Sony in the fiscal year 2023 was 229.4 billion yen, slightly lower than the expected 236.81 billion yen. This represents a 57% rise year-over-year. The Japanese gaming giant reported total revenue of 13 trillion yen, reflecting a 19% increase from the previous year. However, the operating profit for the full year came in at 1.2 trillion yen, down 7% from the previous year.

PlayStation 5 Sales

Sony narrowly missed its revised target for PlayStation 5 sales, with the actual figure totaling 20.8 million units for the fiscal year 2023, below the revised target of 21 million units. Prior forecasts had projected sales of 25 million units for the full year. Moving forward, Sony anticipates even weaker sales, with estimates suggesting 18 million units of the PS5 for the year ending March 2025.

Management Changes

In response to recent performance and strategic shifts, Sony announced a management shakeup within its Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) gaming unit. The interim CEO Hiroki Totoki will transition into the role of chairman, while long-time executives Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst have been appointed as CEOs of the newly formed Platform Business Group and Studio Business Group, respectively.

Sony identified its financial services business as a key factor contributing to the decline in profit. Operating income for the financial services unit in 2023 was 173.6 billion yen, representing a 22.5% decrease compared to the previous year. The company also experienced challenges within its imaging and sensing solutions (I&SS) business segment, resulting in an operating income of 193.5 billion yen, down 9% from 2022.

Future Projections

Looking ahead, Sony is forecasting a decrease in overall group revenue for the current fiscal year. Sales are projected to reach 12.3 trillion yen for the year ending March 2025, a 5% decrease from the previous year. However, fiscal year 2024 operating income is expected to increase by 5%, totaling 1.28 trillion yen. Despite the challenges faced in fiscal year 2023, Sony remains committed to driving growth and profitability in the coming years.


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