Spotify Introduces Online Courses for UK Users

Spotify Introduces Online Courses for UK Users

Spotify is expanding its range of content available to UK users by introducing online courses alongside its existing selection of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. The company is launching an experiment in the UK that will provide video-based lessons from BBC Maestro, Skillshare, Thinkific, and PlayVirtuoso through the Spotify app on mobile and desktop devices. While the experiment is currently limited to the UK market, there is no guarantee that it will be rolled out on a wider scale.

Educational Content on Spotify

The decision to offer online courses on a platform primarily known for music and audio content may seem surprising, but Spotify’s product director Mohit Jitani explains that there is already a demand for educational content on the platform. According to Jitani, an increasing number of users are turning to Spotify for educational purposes, particularly through podcasts. This insight has led Spotify to experiment with expanding its offerings to include online courses to cater to this audience.

Targeting the Right Audience

Spotify’s approach to online courses is not only about reaching a wider audience but also about targeting potential customers based on their listening habits. By leveraging user data, Spotify aims to connect course providers with individuals who are likely to be interested in their courses. This targeted approach not only benefits course providers but also enhances the overall user experience by recommending relevant content.

Spotify is introducing online courses in four categories: make music, get creative, learn business, and healthy life. These courses will be accessible through a new icon on the home screen of Spotify’s mobile apps, as well as through the search and browse interfaces. The integration of courses within the existing Spotify app is intended to provide a seamless user experience, allowing users to access all forms of content in one place.

Freemium Model and Course Structure

The online courses on Spotify will follow a freemium model, where both free and premium subscribers can access a limited number of video lessons for free. To access the full course, users will need to pay a fee. Courses are comprised of a series of videos that can also be listened to with the screen off for an audio-only experience. Supplementary materials such as PDFs may also be included to enhance the learning experience.

Purchasing and Moderation

While users can access free content within the Spotify app, purchasing full courses may require external links due to transaction fees imposed by platforms like Apple and Google. In terms of moderation, courses on Spotify will need to adhere to the platform’s policies, and users can report any content that violates these guidelines. Spotify will be taking a commission on courses sold through its platform, although the specific percentage has not been disclosed.

Although the online courses on Spotify are currently being tested with no guarantee of a wider release, it raises speculation about the platform’s potential future offerings. Rumors of a “Supremium” subscription tier that includes features like lossless-quality streaming and more advanced tools could potentially incorporate online courses as an additional incentive to upgrade. This integration of educational content into Spotify’s premium offerings could further enhance the platform’s value proposition for users.


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