Target Unveils New Subscription Service to Compete with Amazon and Walmart

Target Unveils New Subscription Service to Compete with Amazon and Walmart

Target has announced the launch of its new subscription service, Target Circle 360, which will be priced at $99 annually. This subscription will offer free, unlimited delivery and rush shipping on online orders, aiming to rival similar offerings by competitors Walmart and Amazon. The plan will include free two-day shipping and free same-day delivery on orders of $35 and up, with a promotional price of $49 until May 18.

Interestingly, Target Circle 360 does not seem to be an entirely new plan, but rather a rebranding and upgrade of its current delivery offerings. The company’s subsidiary, Shipt, already provides free same-day delivery from nearby Target stores for $99 a year, while offers free two-day shipping for orders of $35 and more. The new plan appears to combine these services, including access to the Shipt Marketplace for delivery from other stores as well.

Target’s new subscription service comes at a time when the distinction between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores is becoming increasingly blurred. Both Target and Walmart utilize nearby physical stores and warehouses to fulfill online orders, while Amazon continues to expand its network of fulfillment centers for efficient delivery. Amazon’s plans for additional Same-Day Delivery sites highlight its commitment to fast and convenient shipping.

While Target may not be able to directly compete with Amazon Prime’s extensive delivery network, it can still attract customers by offering a similar membership option. By providing free delivery and other perks through Target Circle 360, the company aims to entice shoppers who value convenience and speedy shipping. Ultimately, the competition between these retail giants benefits consumers by providing more choices and competitive pricing.


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