The Autonomous Vehicle Conundrum: A Closer Look at Waymo’s Recent Incident

The Autonomous Vehicle Conundrum: A Closer Look at Waymo’s Recent Incident

In a recent incident on June 19th, a Phoenix police officer pulled over a Waymo autonomous vehicle that was observed driving in an oncoming traffic lane. The car reportedly ran a red light and eventually pulled over in a parking lot to speak with a Waymo support representative. This incident was captured in around two-and-a-half minutes of bodycam footage released by local publication AZCentral.

Analysis of the Incident

The officer involved in the traffic stop described the situation as the Waymo vehicle driving in a construction zone and entering opposing lanes of traffic, which he deemed as ‘real bad’. Additionally, the officer mentioned that the car sped off into the intersection after he ‘lit it up’. Dispatch records also indicated that the car ‘FREAKED OUT’ before coming to a stop. Waymo attributed the incident to ‘inconsistent construction signage’ that led the vehicle to move into the oncoming lane.

Waymo released a statement to multiple outlets explaining that the vehicle drove into the wrong lane due to the confusing construction signage and was unable to navigate back into the correct lane. The company stated that the vehicle attempted to clear the intersection before stopping in the parking lot where the traffic stop occurred. Dispatch records indicated that officers were unable to issue a citation to the autonomous vehicle as per Arizona law, which requires citations to be issued to the company owning the vehicle.

While Waymo claimed that its vehicles are significantly safer than human drivers and less likely to be involved in crashes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently investigating nearly two dozen incidents involving Waymo vehicles. Instances of Waymo cars endangering other road users and impeding emergency responders have been recorded. Furthermore, the company had to recall its vehicles recently following a collision with a telephone pole.

The incident involving the Waymo autonomous vehicle in Phoenix raises questions about the reliability and safety of self-driving technology. While companies like Waymo tout the benefits of autonomous vehicles in reducing accidents, incidents like the one in Phoenix highlight the challenges and risks associated with this emerging technology. As regulatory bodies continue to investigate and monitor the development of autonomous vehicles, it is essential for companies like Waymo to address issues and improve the safety and efficiency of their self-driving systems.


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