The Deceptive Practices of X and its Impact on Trust

The Deceptive Practices of X and its Impact on Trust

The recent activities of X have left many users questioning the integrity of the platform. While it may not be “juicing” the numbers of MrBeast’s first video upload, it is still engaging in deceptive practices that undermine its credibility. By misrepresenting data and promoting misleading information, X is not only alienating its user base but also eroding trust in every data point that it reports.

One of the recent controversies surrounding X involves the display of MrBeast’s video in user feeds with ad disclosure options, despite it not being designated as “Promoted.” This has led many to speculate that X is promoting the post to maximize its view count and monetization potential. While X clarified that the disclosure relates to pre-roll ads in the clip and not the clip itself, it still raises questions about the platform’s transparency and honesty.

Misleading View Counts

X’s measurement of view counts further contributes to its credibility problem. YouTube counts views from logged out users and replays, whereas X only counts views from logged-in users. As a result, X’s reach is actually larger than what is represented. By presenting misleading data that includes every time a post is shown in a user’s feed, X fails to provide an accurate measure of actual interest. This undermines the validity of X’s view count and highlights the platform’s willingness to manipulate data to create a false sense of popularity.

X’s owner, Elon Musk, also plays a part in reinforcing misleading data points. Musk regularly amplifies figures that are not truly indicative of X’s performance. For example, he compares X’s web traffic, which accounts for only 20% of its overall usage, with a fraction of Instagram’s usage. This creates a deceptive narrative that X is rivaling Instagram in terms of overall usage. However, the reality is that X falls significantly short of Instagram’s widespread adoption. Musk’s endorsement of these misleading data points only further diminishes trust in the platform’s reported numbers.

The consequences of X’s deceptive practices extend beyond user trust. Major brands remain hesitant to resume their ad campaigns on X due to these credibility issues. As long as Elon Musk continues to share controversial and divisive thoughts publicly, winning back advertisers will be a challenging task. Even X’s income from premium subscriptions is unlikely to save the company from running at a significant loss. Unless it can reestablish trust and get its ad business back on track, X’s user base of a billion users alone will not be enough to ensure its success.

X’s deceptive practices and misleading data representations have the potential to have a detrimental impact on its future. By prioritizing short-term gains over transparency and honesty, X risks alienating users and advertisers alike. Building trust should be at the forefront of any platform’s priorities, and X must reconsider its approach to data reporting. The path to success lies not in smoke-and-mirrors tactics but in fostering genuine trust and providing accurate information to its stakeholders.

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