The Departure of Jack Dorsey from Bluesky

The Departure of Jack Dorsey from Bluesky

The recent revelation that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is no longer on the board of Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform he helped start, has raised questions and speculations within the tech community. Dorsey himself confirmed his departure with a simple “no” response to a user’s inquiry about his board membership, leaving many wondering about the implications for the future of Bluesky.

Despite Dorsey’s initial backing of Bluesky in 2019 and his subsequent appointment to the board of directors when the platform split from Twitter in 2022, his level of involvement in the company has been questioned. Reports suggest that Dorsey has not been an active participant in Bluesky, with CEO Jay Graeber indicating that he receives only occasional feedback from Dorsey. This lack of active engagement has led to doubts about Dorsey’s commitment to the project and its goals.

With Dorsey’s departure from the Bluesky board, the future direction and leadership of the platform remain uncertain. As one of the key figures behind the creation of Bluesky, Dorsey’s absence could potentially impact the platform’s development and growth. The remaining board members, including CEO Jay Graeber and Jabber / XMPP inventor Jeremie Miller, will need to reassess their strategy and vision for Bluesky in light of Dorsey’s exit.

Dorsey’s decision to step down from the Bluesky board and his recent actions, such as unfollowing all but three accounts on X and referring to Elon Musk’s platform as “freedom technology,” have sparked discussions about his priorities and interests in the tech industry. Some have interpreted these moves as a sign of Dorsey’s shifting focus away from traditional social media platforms towards more decentralized and innovative technologies.

Jack Dorsey’s departure from the Bluesky board raises important questions about the future of the platform and his own role in shaping the next generation of social media. As the tech community continues to speculate and analyze Dorsey’s actions, it remains to be seen how Bluesky will evolve without his direct involvement. Only time will tell the impact of Dorsey’s departure on the decentralized social media landscape.


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