The Evolution of AI on Fandom: Improving User Experience through Generative AI Features

The Evolution of AI on Fandom: Improving User Experience through Generative AI Features

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has infiltrated various aspects of our lives, and the online platform Fandom is no exception. As reported by Emilia David, a reporter covering AI, Fandom is set to roll out generative AI features that aim to enhance user experience. This new AI development includes Quick Answers, an AI-generated feature that provides a concise response to user queries, and Image Review, designed to ensure the prompt removal of inappropriate content. This article delves into the evolution of AI on Fandom, the challenges faced during the testing phase, and the company’s commitment to addressing user concerns.

Quick Answers is a prominent new feature that revolutionizes the way users access specific information on Fandom pages. By generating Q&A-style dropdowns, Quick Answers condenses the information into easily digestible sentences. For instance, users visiting The Witcher wiki can click on a relevant question, such as “Who trained Geralt of Rivia?”, and the feature would provide the answer: Vesemir. This functionality caters to the primary reason why people visit Fandom pages – quick and specific answers pertaining to their favorite fandoms.

However, during the initial testing phase in August 2023, Fandom encountered backlash from its community members. Users reported frequent inaccuracies and inappropriate responses from the AI. Frustrated with the lack of control, wiki creators demanded an edit feature or an opt-out option. One notable example is the Hollow Knight Wiki, which announced its departure from Fandom, citing concerns over the AI features and the company’s failure to consult with creators. Recognizing the need to address user grievances, Fandom paused the Quick Answers feature in September to implement improvements.

Fandom responded to user feedback by introducing an edit feature for wiki admins and editors. This enhancement allows them to review and validate answers, ensuring that only correct and appropriate responses are provided for their respective fandoms. By incorporating this optional feature, Fandom grants users a sense of control and contributes to a more reliable and user-friendly platform. Currently, the edit feature is available on character pages of popular sites, including Avatar, Harry Potter, The Last of Us, and The Witcher.

Recognizing the need for efficient content moderation, Fandom turned to AI in the form of Image Review. Collaborating with Coactive AI, Fandom developed this feature to promptly and accurately detect and remove inappropriate content from user-uploaded images. Image Review allows wiki admins to automate the approval or rejection process for photos, streamlining the content moderation workflow. By integrating AI into image reviews, Fandom ensures a safer and more inclusive environment for users.

Fandom acknowledges that these new generative AI features are a direct response to the feedback provided by its creators and community members. The company’s vice president of community, Brandon Rhea, emphasized their commitment to providing functionalities that serve the needs of their communities better. As a platform hosting 45 million wiki pages with over 350 million unique visitors each month, Fandom strives to improve the user experience and foster a collaborative environment.

To further support wiki administrators, Fandom plans to introduce auto-tagging for search engine optimization (SEO). This addition will assist admins in organizing their content by automating formatting and improving visibility within search engine results. By leveraging AI to streamline site management tasks, Fandom empowers its creators to focus on curating engaging content for their communities.

Fandom’s venture into incorporating AI into its platform marks a significant development in the evolution of the online fan community. The introduction of Quick Answers and Image Review showcases Fandom’s dedication to enhancing user experience while prioritizing content moderation. By addressing early concerns raised by its community, Fandom has demonstrated its commitment to listening and adapting to user feedback. As AI continues to advance, we can expect further refinements in generative AI features on Fandom, fostering a more inclusive and informative platform for fans worldwide.


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