The Evolution of Microsoft Store App Downloads

The Evolution of Microsoft Store App Downloads

The process of downloading Windows store apps from the web is finally receiving an upgrade from Microsoft. This upgrade aims to simplify the user experience and make it more efficient.

Microsoft has introduced an “undocked version of the [Microsoft] Store” that functions as a traditional executable to facilitate the installation of apps from the Microsoft Store. This enhancement eliminates the need to navigate through multiple steps in order to download and install an app.

Instead of users having to open the Microsoft Store and deal with a mini window when downloading apps from the web, they will now receive a standalone installer. This installer can be launched directly, allowing users to install the desired Microsoft Store app with ease.

While Microsoft Store developer Rudy Huyn claims that the new process reduces the installation steps to just two clicks, real-world testing has shown that it still requires three clicks. Users must click to download, open the lightweight installer, and then click to install the app.

Although the new lightweight installer has its benefits, not all Microsoft Store apps currently support this method. Some apps, like Discord, still redirect users to the Microsoft Store for installation. Additionally, the standalone installers do not contain the full app installer, as it is downloaded during the installation process.

Microsoft reports that the new installation method has resulted in a 12 percent increase in installations and a 54 percent increase in the number of apps launched after installation. This positive outcome is favorable for developers seeking to increase app adoption among Windows users.

Given the success of the new installation process, Microsoft plans to expand this initiative to include more products and markets. This expansion will allow a wider range of users to benefit from the streamlined app download experience.

Microsoft’s efforts to enhance the downloading of Windows store apps from the web are commendable. While there are still improvements to be made, the overall impact on user experience and app adoption is promising. With further refinement and expansion, Microsoft has the opportunity to revolutionize the way users interact with the Microsoft Store.


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