The Exciting Expansion of Factorio: Space Age

The Exciting Expansion of Factorio: Space Age

Factorio, a popular factory-automating game, is set to release its highly anticipated Space Age expansion this October alongside a major 2.0 update. This expansion has been in development for several years and promises to bring a wealth of new content to the game.

The Space Age expansion will introduce five new planets, each with its own unique resources and challenges. From the volcanic Vulcanus to the desolate Fulgora, players will have to adapt their strategies to thrive in these new environments. The addition of space platforms adds a new layer of complexity, requiring players to defend against asteroids and manage cargo transport between planets.

In addition to the new planets, Space Age will introduce elevated train tracks, new enemies, and quality tiers for items and equipment. These enhancements will provide players with new ways to interact with the game and will offer additional challenges and rewards as they progress through the levels.

The $35 price tag for the Space Age expansion may seem steep, but considering the amount of content and gameplay it offers, it appears to be a fair price. With Wube comparing the size of Space Age to the original game, players can expect to spend over 80 hours exploring and mastering the new features.

For those hesitant to purchase the expansion, the 2.0 update will be available for free when it launches alongside Space Age. This update will bring various improvements and additions to the game, further enhancing the player experience.

Factorio’s Space Age expansion is shaping up to be a significant addition to the game, offering players a vast new playground to explore and conquer. With its diverse planets, new features, and free update, Factorio fans have plenty to look forward to this October.


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