The Full Rights to Control: Remedy Entertainment Acquires Ownership

The Full Rights to Control: Remedy Entertainment Acquires Ownership

Remedy Entertainment has made a major move by acquiring the complete rights to their supernatural shooter game, Control, including its upcoming sequel and co-op spin-off. This development marks a significant milestone for the studio as they now have full ownership of the entire Control series, taking over from the publisher 505 Games.

Control, which is turning five years old this year, has been a commercial success, selling over four million copies since its release. The upcoming sequel, Alan Wake 2, is also on track to become one of the studio’s fastest-selling games. Despite its success, Control has yet to turn a profit, but the connection between Alan Wake 2 and Control, including cross-over expansions and DLC, has fueled Remedy’s decision to invest in acquiring the rights to the franchise.

The acquisition of the rights to Control, Alan Wake, and the upcoming co-op spin-off, Codename Condor, positions Remedy Entertainment for long-term franchise growth. By taking full control of these properties, the studio is now able to make strategic business decisions that will shape the future of the series. This move also signals Remedy’s commitment to building on the success of Control and expanding the franchise in new and exciting ways.

With Control 2 and Codename Condor now under Remedy’s ownership, the studio has confirmed that both projects are progressing well and are expected to move to the next stages of development in the first half of this year. The transition of these titles to Remedy as the new publisher marks a significant shift in the direction of the franchise. While the original Control will continue to be published by 505 Games until the end of 2024, all royalties will go directly to Remedy thereafter.

As Remedy Entertainment navigates the future of the Control series, the studio is considering the possibility of self-publishing future titles or partnering with a new publisher. With the success of Alan Wake 2 and the established brand recognition of Control, Remedy is in a strong negotiating position to explore different publishing options. This strategic move is aimed at maximizing the potential of the franchise and ensuring its continued success in the gaming industry.

Remedy Entertainment’s acquisition of the rights to Control follows a similar move with Alan Wake back in 2019 when they gained full ownership of the franchise from Microsoft. This transition has proven successful for the studio, and they are optimistic about the future of both Control and Alan Wake under their complete ownership. By consolidating their most successful titles under one roof, Remedy is poised to deliver more compelling and innovative gaming experiences to their audience.

Remedy Entertainment’s acquisition of the full rights to Control represents a significant milestone for the studio and the future of the franchise. With a strategic focus on long-term growth and creative expansion, Remedy is well-positioned to build on the success of Control and deliver engaging gaming experiences to their fans. The acquisition marks a new chapter in the evolution of the Control series and sets the stage for exciting developments in the world of supernatural shooters.


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