The Grim Future of PlayStation VR2: A Critical Review

The Grim Future of PlayStation VR2: A Critical Review

Months of neglect and disappointment have led me to the decision to part ways with my PlayStation VR2. The initial excitement and anticipation I had for this cutting-edge technology have slowly faded away, replaced by frustration and disillusionment. Recent reports from Android Central have shed light on the bleak future of the PSVR2, revealing a lack of funding for new VR games and a scarcity of upcoming titles, leaving owners like myself with limited options for immersive gaming experiences.

When I first laid my hands on the PSVR2, I was brimming with excitement and optimism. The prospect of diving into new virtual worlds and experiencing games like Horizon and Gran Turismo 7 in a whole new dimension was exhilarating. Despite the hefty price tag, I eagerly preordered the bundle with Horizon, convinced that I would get my money’s worth by exploring a mix of VR classics and new titles.

Unfortunately, the reality of my experience with the PSVR2 fell short of my expectations. Although I dabbled in a few games like What The Bat? and Gran Turismo 7, nothing truly captivated me enough to keep me coming back for more. The hassle of setting up the headset, the limited playtime, and the lack of compelling titles all contributed to my growing disillusionment with the device.

As time went on, my interest in the PSVR2 waned even further. The closure of studios like Firesprite and the discontinuation of development for major first-party titles signaled a clear decline in Sony’s commitment to the VR platform. The lack of hand tracking and the tethered nature of the PSVR2 made it feel isolating and cumbersome to use, especially in comparison to more versatile VR options like Meta’s Quest headsets.

After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that my PlayStation VR2 is no longer serving its purpose and is better off in someone else’s hands. The limited support and lack of engaging content have rendered it obsolete in my gaming setup. While Sony may be launching adapters and new features for the PSVR2, my disappointment and lack of faith in the platform have led me to part ways with it for good.

The grim future of PlayStation VR2 serves as a cautionary tale for VR enthusiasts and technology consumers alike. Despite the initial hype and anticipation surrounding the device, the lackluster support and dearth of compelling experiences have ultimately led to its downfall in the eyes of many users. As I prepare to sell my PSVR2, I reflect on the lessons learned from this disappointing journey and look toward the future of virtual reality with a renewed sense of skepticism and caution.


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