The Impact of Industry Conditions on Deck Nine Games

The Impact of Industry Conditions on Deck Nine Games

Deck Nine, the developers behind popular games such as the Life is Strange series and The Expanse: A Telltale Series, have recently faced a challenging situation. Due to what they describe as “the game industry’s worsening market conditions,” the studio has made the difficult decision to lay off 20% of their staff. This marks the second wave of layoffs at the company in the last year, indicating the severity of the challenges they are facing.

Deck Nine has made significant contributions to the gaming industry with their work on titles such as Before the Storm, True Colors, and the Remastered Collection of the original Life is Strange game. They have also collaborated with Telltale Games on The Expanse: A Telltale Series, showcasing their versatility and creativity as a studio. However, despite their successes, the studio has not been immune to the hardships faced by many in the industry.

The layoffs at Deck Nine have had a profound impact on the employees who have lost their jobs. The studio acknowledges the talent and dedication of these individuals, urging others to consider hiring them if possible. The decision to let go of employees was described as a “difficult decision,” highlighting the emotional toll that such actions can take on both the affected individuals and the company as a whole.

In an effort to minimize the number of layoffs, Deck Nine’s leadership took the drastic step of cutting their own pay. This demonstrates a commitment to supporting their employees and preserving the studio’s talent pool. Game director Stephan Frost emphasized the strength of the team at Deck Nine, despite the difficult circumstances they are currently facing in the industry.

The recent layoffs at Deck Nine are not an isolated incident, as the studio also faced job cuts last year. Despite these challenges, the team at Deck Nine has shown resilience and determination in navigating the turbulent waters of the gaming industry. The voluntary resignations of several narrative leads further illustrate the dedication and teamwork that exist within the studio.

The story of Deck Nine Games highlights the impact of industry conditions on even the most successful and talented developers. The recent layoffs serve as a reminder of the fragility of the gaming industry and the importance of supporting employees during challenging times. Deck Nine’s experiences also showcase the resilience and solidarity that exist within the gaming community, as developers come together to navigate uncertain times and support each other in the face of adversity.


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