The Importance of Data Protection in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The Importance of Data Protection in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In a recent exclusive interview, CEO of Chinese smartphone company Honor, George Zhao, emphasized the crucial need for user data protection in the realm of artificial intelligence. Zhao pointed out that while AI has the potential to transform various aspects of technology, it is essentially worthless without proper safeguards in place to protect user data. This sentiment comes at a time when major tech companies like Apple are incorporating personalized AI tools into their devices, raising concerns about data security and privacy.

The Role of On-Device AI

Honor’s approach to AI involves keeping operations that involve personal data limited to on-device processing, also known as on-device AI. Unlike AI tools that rely on cloud computing for operations, on-device AI ensures that user data does not leave the smartphone, prioritizing data security and privacy. Zhao stressed the importance of maintaining this principle and highlighted the value of on-device AI in providing a more intimate and understanding user experience.

Challenges and Considerations in AI Development

Zhao also acknowledged the challenges associated with balancing AI capabilities, energy usage, and data privacy. While network (cloud) AI continues to advance in power and sophistication, the focus on on-device AI is on empowering consumers and enhancing their interaction with AI technology. Zhao raised concerns about the energy-intensive nature of some AI applications, such as generative AI, which require significant computing power beyond the capacity of a smartphone’s battery.

As technology evolves, Zhao emphasized the importance of ensuring that individuals remain at the center of AI development. By empowering users through mobile end devices and maintaining a focus on data privacy, Honor aims to enable individuals to navigate the future AI landscape with confidence. Zhao’s vision is for individuals to become stronger through the use of AI technology, rather than being overshadowed by the systems and devices that support them.

Honor’s commitment to data protection and user empowerment was recently recognized at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, where the Magic V2 folding phone received the prestigious “Best Smartphone in Asia Award.” With the upcoming release of the Magic V3 in July, Honor continues to innovate and introduce new AI functions that prioritize user experience and data security. Through a combination of on-device AI, strategic partnerships, and a dedication to user privacy, Honor is shaping the future of AI-enabled smartphones.


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