The Importance of Mindfulness in Sexuality

The Importance of Mindfulness in Sexuality

Annie feels a jolt of alarm. “I could just set her there,” Doug says. “That’s easy enough.” Annie doesn’t want to feel stimulated. She doesn’t want anything to do with that side of herself. It’ll hurt. Monica explains, “Our sexuality is an integral part of who we are. How tapped in you are to your sexual desires can be both a reflection of and a stimulus of your overall mental health. If you make a conscious effort to be mindful about what turns you on and when, it might help you feel more alert and alive in other ways too.”

Annie seems troubled by Monica’s suggestion, prompting Doug to ask, “Annie, what are you thinking? What is it about my suggestion that’s troubling you?” Annie, hesitant at first, eventually responds, “Nothing. I can do it. I can try.” This willingness to try reflects a potential breakthrough in Annie’s resistance towards exploring her sexuality in a mindful way.

As they walk the dog in the park, Annie observes Doug’s nonchalant attitude towards Monica’s silence, perhaps indicating a familiarity with her methods. The park setting, with its twilight ambiance, sets the stage for a reflective conversation between Annie and Doug about their childhood pets. This lighthearted exchange shows a glimpse of genuine connection and shared experiences between the two.

Annie’s quick reflexes in saving Doug from a near-accident with a bicyclist demonstrate the importance of being present in the moment. The potential danger of the situation highlights the fragility of life and the significance of mindfulness in everyday interactions. The trio, including their dog Paunch, emerges unscathed from the incident, emphasizing the value of awareness in ensuring safety and well-being.

The journey towards mindfulness in sexuality involves overcoming resistance, being present in the moment, and recognizing the value of awareness in all aspects of life. By embracing mindfulness, individuals like Annie can tap into their sexual desires in a healthy and conscious manner, leading to a more holistic sense of well-being and vitality.


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