The Importance of New Heat Protections for American Workers

The Importance of New Heat Protections for American Workers

In a move to safeguard American workers from the most dangerous weather-related risk they face, the Biden administration is set to introduce new rules aimed at protecting individuals from extreme heat. The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is anticipated to unveil these new heat protections today, with the goal of preventing heat-related illnesses and fatalities in the workplace.

The proposed rules seek to address the alarming reality that heat is responsible for more deaths in the US than hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, or any other weather-related disaster. The escalating effects of global warming have exacerbated this issue, resulting in longer, more frequent, and more severe heatwaves. The introduction of these rules is a crucial step towards aligning workplace protections with the evolving climate conditions.

Employers will be required to implement measures to prevent heat-related injuries and illnesses among workers. This includes appointing a heat safety coordinator, establishing protocols to address symptoms of heat illness such as muscle cramps and fainting, and conducting regular assessments of workplace conditions. A heat index of 80 degrees Fahrenheit will serve as a threshold for initiating safety measures, ensuring that employees have access to drinking water and designated cool-down areas.

The new rules are expected to cover approximately 35 million workers who are consistently exposed to heat risks, particularly those in industries such as construction and agriculture. However, certain categories of workers, such as teleworkers and individuals in air-conditioned indoor environments, will not fall under the purview of these regulations. Furthermore, state and local public employees who are not under OSHA jurisdiction or those in specific emergency response roles will also be excluded from the proposed rules.

The Biden administration initiated the rulemaking process in September 2021, emphasizing the urgency of addressing extreme heat as a climate disaster. President Biden highlighted the significance of this issue, stating that extreme heat often goes unnoticed despite its devastating impact. With recent events like Hurricane Beryl and intense heatwaves in California underscoring the urgent need for action, the proposed rules are timely and essential in protecting the workforce.

As part of a broader strategy to tackle the challenges posed by extreme heat, President Biden intends to convene a White House Summit on Extreme Heat later this summer. This initiative aims to raise awareness, foster collaboration, and explore effective solutions to combat the adverse effects of rising temperatures on both individuals and communities across the nation.

The introduction of new heat protections for American workers represents a crucial milestone in ensuring workplace safety and mitigating the risks associated with extreme heat exposure. By implementing comprehensive measures and raising awareness about the impact of heat-related illnesses, the Biden administration is taking proactive steps to safeguard the well-being of millions of individuals who face heat-related hazards in their daily work environments.


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