The Latest Update of Vampire Survivors: A Closer Look

The Latest Update of Vampire Survivors: A Closer Look

The recent update of Vampire Survivors known as the Space-54 update has brought in a variety of new features. This includes the addition of two new characters, four new weapons, a new relic, and a bonus stage for players to enjoy. One of the most significant aspects of this update is the introduction of cross-save support between Steam and Android, specifically to the Steam public beta branch.

Delving deeper into the update, we find that the Space-54 update is dedicated to the game’s former engine, Phaser. This decision by developer Poncle may seem unusual to some, but it sheds light on the origins of Vampire Survivors. Poncle expressed their appreciation for Phaser as the original framework used to create the game. The developer mentioned that working with Phaser was a joy, and without it, the creation of Vampire Survivors might not have been possible.

One of the significant advancements in the Space-54 update is the implementation of cross-save functionality. Poncle has provided a detailed FAQ to guide players on how to access and utilize cross-save, along with understanding its limitations. Notably, the FAQ states that DLC owned on one platform may not be accessible through the transferred save on another platform. Despite the challenges, Poncle acknowledged the demand for cross-platform DLC for a seamless gaming experience.

Parody Trailer Release

As a lighthearted addition to the update, Poncle also unveiled a Vampire Survivors trailer parody. The parody is a humorous take on the original teaser trailer for Final Fantasy VII, released back in 1997 on the PlayStation. The release of this parody trailer showcases the developer’s creativity and sense of humor, adding an element of fun to the game’s community.

The Space-54 update of Vampire Survivors brings a mix of new content and features for players to explore. From new characters and weapons to cross-save functionality and a parody trailer, the update offers something for everyone. Developer Poncle’s dedication to the game’s roots and commitment to enhancing the player experience are evident in this recent update. As players dive into the Space-54 update, they can expect to encounter exciting new gameplay elements and enjoy a nostalgic nod to gaming history through the parody trailer.


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