The Legal Battle Between Epic Games and Google: Judge Considers Epic’s Demands

The Legal Battle Between Epic Games and Google: Judge Considers Epic’s Demands

Despite initial skepticism, Judge James Donato is now seriously considering Epic Games’ demands in the legal battle against Google. One of the major demands includes allowing the Epic Games Store to exist within the Google Play Store and granting access to every app within Google Play. Judge Donato has instructed Google to calculate the costs of complying with these demands by June 24th, 2024.

In Epic’s 16-page list of demands, one of the significant asks is for Google to provide “Catalog Access” and “Library Porting” to competing app stores for up to six years. This demand would essentially require Google to give other app stores access to the entire Google Play catalog of apps. Additionally, Judge Donato is considering the request for Google to host other third-party app stores within the Google Play Store for a six-year period.

Following Epic Games’ win at trial, the company has been actively working on a version of its game store for Android. In a recent evidentiary hearing, Judge Donato expressed skepticism towards Google’s arguments against Epic’s proposed remedies. However, he also noted that some of Epic’s demands were considered “open-ended and too vague.” Despite this, the judge has allowed Epic the opportunity to question Google’s experts and engineers regarding the accuracy of their estimates before the final hearing scheduled for August 14th.

The outcome of this legal battle between Epic Games and Google could have far-reaching implications for the tech industry as a whole. If Judge Donato rules in favor of Epic and forces Google to comply with their demands, it could potentially disrupt the app store ecosystem and open up opportunities for more competition within the market. On the other hand, if Google successfully defends its position, it could set a precedent for how tech giants maintain control over their platforms and services.

The ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Google is a crucial moment in the tech industry. The decision made by Judge Donato regarding Epic’s demands could reshape the app store landscape and impact the relationship between platform holders and third-party developers. As the case progresses, all eyes will be on the courtroom to see how this high-stakes legal showdown unfolds.


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