The Long-Awaited Mod Support for Darkest Dungeon 2

The Long-Awaited Mod Support for Darkest Dungeon 2

It has been a significant amount of time since the release of the sequel to Darkest Dungeon and fans have been eagerly waiting for one particular feature to make its way into Darkest Dungeon 2: mod support. The wait seems to be finally coming to an end as Red Hook Studios has recently announced their plans to introduce mod support for PC users through a series of updates.

The Reason Behind the Delay

The decision to implement mod support gradually is due to the switch to a different engine for Darkest Dungeon 2. This change has made modding and mod support a more complex process compared to its predecessor. Red Hook Studios has emphasized that the transition to a new engine has required a significant amount of work to enable modding capabilities in the game.

Players can anticipate the arrival of some modding capabilities in the near future, with a fully developed modding experience being a more distant possibility. The studio has mentioned that fully fleshed-out mod support will take a substantial amount of time to finalize. The gradual implementation of mod support will allow Red Hook Studios to gather feedback from the community and adjust their future initiatives accordingly.

Upcoming Mod Update

The first mod update for Darkest Dungeon 2 is expected to be released before the end of June. This update will enable modders to edit the game’s .csv files and share their creations as downloadable mods through the new Steam Workshop integration. Players will have the ability to design custom items such as trinkets, combat gear, inn items, equipment for the stagecoach, and even hero palettes.

Red Hook Studios has expressed their desire to eventually allow players to create custom characters in the game. They have assured the community that they will work closely with players to develop the necessary tools for this feature. However, they have also cautioned that achieving this milestone will require a considerable amount of time and effort.

The introduction of mod support for Darkest Dungeon 2 is an exciting development for the game’s community. The gradual implementation of this feature shows Red Hook Studios’ commitment to providing a robust and well-rounded modding experience for players. As we eagerly await the upcoming mod updates, it is clear that the future of Darkest Dungeon 2 holds boundless creative possibilities for its dedicated fanbase.


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