The Long Wait for a Bloodborne Remake

The Long Wait for a Bloodborne Remake

The possibility of a Bloodborne remake has been a topic of discussion among fans, particularly those hoping for a PC release. However, the head of developers FromSoftware, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has suggested that a remake of the 2015 title might need to wait for another generation of console hardware to become a reality. Miyazaki emphasized the importance of new hardware in adding value to remakes, stating that advancements in technology can unlock new possibilities and render specific expressions in ways that were previously unachievable.

Drawing a comparison to Demon’s Souls, which received a complete remake for the PlayStation 5 in 2020, Miyazaki highlighted the significance of hardware in the decision to remake a game. While both Demon’s Souls games remain console-only, there have been recent instances of PlayStation exclusives making their way to PC. Despite the role of hardware in the decision-making process, Miyazaki reassured fans that it would not be the sole determining factor in whether Bloodborne receives a remake in the future. Accessibility to a wider player base was also cited as a crucial consideration in bringing older games to new platforms.

The notion of considering accessibility offers a glimmer of hope for PC players who have been eagerly awaiting the chance to experience Bloodborne on their preferred platform. With the game originally released in 2015, the wait for a PC port has been a lengthy one. While a complete remake may not be necessary for a PC release, the desire for an optimized experience, such as running at a smooth 60fps on modern hardware, remains a concern for fans. The anticipation for a potential Bloodborne remake may extend to the speculated release of the PlayStation 6, further prolonging the wait for eager fans.

Miyazaki expressed his gratitude for the enduring passion exhibited by fans towards Bloodborne, acknowledging the game’s significance to both himself and the development team. While he stopped short of providing concrete details about a potential remake, Miyazaki’s comments suggest a deep appreciation for the memories associated with the title. The prospect of seeing Bloodborne revived for a new generation of players remains a source of joy for Miyazaki, hinting at the emotional connection shared by fans and creators alike.

The possibility of a Bloodborne remake continues to linger, with the decision likely hinging on advancements in hardware and considerations of accessibility. While the wait for a PC release may be prolonged, the enduring passion of fans and the acknowledgment of the game’s significance by its creators offer hope for the future. As technology evolves and new opportunities arise, the potential for a Bloodborne remake to finally come to fruition remains a tantalizing prospect for fans of the acclaimed title.


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