The Mystery Behind Final Fantasy 9 References in FF14

The Mystery Behind Final Fantasy 9 References in FF14

During PAX East, Final Fantasy 14’s producer, Yoshi-P, made an intriguing reference to Final Fantasy 9, leaving fans speculating about a potential connection between the two iconic games. This reference came in light of the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, which features pre-order and special edition bonus items that bear a striking resemblance to FF9 elements. Among these items are a mount version of FF9’s Ark eidolon summon and wind-up minions of Zidane and Garnet, the main characters from the game.

When questioned about the FF9 references in FF14, Yoshi-P cryptically replied that “the reason is a secret.” This enigmatic response only added fuel to the fire of rumors surrounding a possible Final Fantasy IX remake or remaster. Fans have been eagerly anticipating any news about a potential revival of the beloved title, especially after a leak in 2021 hinted at a FF9 remake being in the works.

Despite the excitement generated by Yoshi-P’s tease, it is essential to temper expectations regarding a full-fledged remake of Final Fantasy 9. Yoshinori Kitase, the series producer, has previously hinted that the resources required for such a project may be prohibitive, pointing to the challenges of remaking other titles like FF8 or FF6. While a remaster akin to Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is more plausible, the likelihood of a complete FF9 remake remains uncertain.

One plausible explanation for the FF9 references in FF14 could be a themed crossover event within the MMO. Square Enix has a history of incorporating elements from its diverse catalog of games into FF14, providing players with exciting new content and collaborations. Whether these FF9 references hint at a larger project or simply serve as a nod to the classic title, fans will have to wait until the Dawntrail expansion launches on June 28th to unravel the mystery.

Embracing the Classics

While the possibility of a Final Fantasy 9 remake may remain uncertain, the enduring appeal of the original game persists. The current version of FF9 on PC continues to captivate players with its timeless story, captivating characters, and engaging gameplay. As fans eagerly await any news of a potential remake or remaster, revisiting the classic Final Fantasy titles reminds us of the rich legacy and enduring magic of the franchise.

The Final Fantasy 9 references in FF14 have sparked a wave of speculation and excitement among fans of the series. Whether these hints lead to a full remake, a remaster, or a themed crossover event within FF14, the legacy of Final Fantasy 9 continues to captivate players old and new. As we eagerly anticipate the release of the Dawntrail expansion, only time will reveal the true nature of Yoshi-P’s cryptic message and its connection to the beloved FF9 universe.


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